Man kills his own daughters

Locals gather in shock as they find out what happened in the area, Yei River/Photo: James Innocent Ali

By James Innocent Ali

A 43-year-old man killed himself after killing his two young daughters yesterday morning at Hai Spirit residential area of Yei River County in Central Equatoria State, the Acting Police Inspector Major Faisal John said.

The police officer said the incident was so unprecedented.  “The truth is that Yei is in deep sorrow for the first time that such an incident has happened for a man to kill his own daughters and truly, the man is said to be from the tribe of Nuba known as Faisal Kali Tiya and aged 43 years. What happened was that the deceased had problems with his elderly son in the family,” he said.

The acting County’s police inspector revealed that, the man was unable to control his elder son, and he turned his anger on his two daughters and narrowly missed his brother who came to check what was going on.

Major Faisal John was speaking at the Police Station on Wednesday morning after the incident happened in Yei River County.

The acting Police Inspector points out that it is the first time for such an incident to happen in Yei for a man to kill his daughters and later himself and that the deceased is said to be from Nuba tribe.   

“Because he was unable to control himself from his elderly son, he called his children who were sleeping in their own house and he brought all the children outside at 7:10 AM then he started shooting at them but he narrowly missed his brother with a bullet and then he later shot himself. I am sending this message to the people who have guns to hand their guns to the military, because many people are traumatized,” he said.   

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