In these painful series that we are living in and that seem to be never ending, when shall we get our lives better?

While addressing the decayed health system of our nation, there shall not be any kind words this time because many citizens are not receiving any kind treatment too.

Sadly, it is not a new occurrence for somebody to suffer and unfortunately some die while waiting to get treatment from the medical service providers. These deaths have been recorded to have resulted from either less professional medical personnel, absence of the doctor who is in charge of that field or the suffering and needy patients do not have the adequate money that is necessary for that treatment.

For the monetary issues, let us look into the recent scenario here in Juba where a pregnant mother was forced to abandon her newborn child in the hospital right after delivery because she had to look for money to pay for the delivery services.

Another good but quite unrealistic and not mandatory policy of bringing washing soap, bathing soap and sweets on top of the required hospital fee is ridiculous! It probably wouldn’t have been much a point of big criticism if the medical fee; which a given patient cannot afford at that particular time but later within the period of medication or after the medication is discussed and whose payments are agreed upon accordingly. After all, the core duty of the medical doctor, nurse any medical professional is to save the life of the patient no matter what, unless society declares that what was taught in school about doctors saving lives as their sole responsibility is declared a fallacy.

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