Gov’t steps up to convict sexual defaulters

William Anyuon Kuol/Courtesy photo

By Taban Henry

The Government of Northern Bahr-El-Ghazal state condemned the killing of the six-year-old girl who was raped to death on Tuesday evening.

The State police are investigating three men suspected to be involved in the belt down of the deceased.

The state police commissioner earlier said a 42-year-old Sudanese businessman, Saber Abdalla Abusam from Darfur was a suspect behind the assault.

In the statement released on Thursday morning, the State’s Minister of Information, William Anyuon Kuol said the State government condemned the horrible act.

The Minister said the state government will continue following the case and make sure justice is prevails.

“As government, we would like to appeal to the general public to maintain calmness and treat this incident as an individual act but not an organized plan by the Sudanese traders in NBGS,” the statement read.

In the press release, the government official said that the 42-year-old businessman defiled and killed the small girl, and later dumped the body into the pit latrine within the compound at Ayuang.

“The perpetrator Saber rented a room within the compound where the family of the deceased is residing, according to the mother of the late Abuk Lual Lual, Saber came back home early at around 5:00 pm, found the child playing in the compound; called her inside his room where he managed to execute his horrible act,” the State’s Information Minister said in the statement.

“The perpetrator decided to call his friends; Omar Mahmud Omar and Ahmed Hassan Adam and disclosed the incident to them. Thus, they decided to hide the horrific crime by throwing the dead body into the pit latrine to make it look like the decease fell into the latrine. They were unfortunately caught in the act,” the statement continued.

Minister Anyuon Kuol stated it was not the first time for the 42-year-old Saber to commit such act which is inconsistent with the law. He said that, they have learned the culprit attempted to commit three separate sexual assault involving minors.

In addition, the government official said that, following the tragic and shocking news, angry youth rioted and attempted to target Sudanese businessmen in the market.

He further said that, when they learned of the incident, security forces contained the situation and brought under control.

Anyuon reiterated in the statement that, investigation against the three suspects is underway.

He therefore urged the youths within the suburb where the incident happened to remain calm and allow the law to take its course.

Similarly, the statement said that the community around joined the grieving family to support them in time of grief.

Further, the Minister called on locals to continue praying as they mourn the painful death of their sister and daughter for God to solace and withstand the immense loss.

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