Revealed: How Adut was dragged out of exams’ room

Adut Garang, the student who was dragged out of the examination room/(Courtesy photo)

By Bida Elly David

A biological brother who allegedly exempted his 20-year-old sister from undertaking her final exam paper of the Secondary Certificate of Education revealed that he pulled out his sister for having been involved in courtship with a teacher.

Last week, the 20-year-old Adut Garang, a former candidate at Kings College Secondary School was forcefully dragged out of the examination room by her brother with reasons earlier not known, cumulative reports revealed that he wanted to auction her for marriage but later, truth on the act has been manifested.

Akim Garang, the brother of Adut was earlier accused by some domiciles for having violated his sister’s rights to education who would have first finished her last paper and then accompanied by the investigation after.

After accusations from people over the initiative he had carried out of forcing his sister to leave examination room, he finally revealed the reason why he did such an act.

Speaking to the media this week, Akim revealed that his sister left home for a couple of times and only stayed at the school premises during examination period at the school.

Furthermore, he claimed that his sister has been in a special relationship with one of the teachers who actually was her former school mate too.

In continuation, Akim underscored that Adut in several occasions had been in hide-out with her suspected boyfriend which prompted him to show up at the school.

“I forcefully dragged my sister out of the exam room out of anger against the teachers because I requested them to take my sister for investigation but they hesitated. My sister did not come alone to the school; I struggled to ensure that she pursued her education. I cannot allow anyone to interfere in the affairs of our family,” Akim underscored.

Akim was bitter because he laboured to pay his sister’s school fees since he believed in her pursuing education and achieving her goals but she broke his heart instead.

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