JUBA: Elders meet Adil as insecurity alarms

Picture of Liwolo elders & Governor Adil at the State Secretariat. (Photo: Confucious Taban)

By Bida Elly David

Elders of Liwolo Payam of Kajo-Keji County of Central Equatoria State met Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony at the State Secretariat yesterday over fears of insecurity that have been hindering development progress in the county.

The meeting arose following unceasing logging and dynamic grazing of livestock by pastoralists in Liwolo and Kajo-Keji as a whole, crafting timidity to the people as it exempts them from farm preparation as rainy season commenced.

Speaking to the press after the meeting, a Bishop of Liwolo Internal Diocese, Joseph Aba said the on-going insecurity in Liwolo and Kajo-Keji has impacted negatively in areas of health care, education and road network which would have enhanced voluntary return of the citizens who fled the county into neighbouring Uganda.

“The on-going logging and pastoralism have hindered most developmental activities in the county, especially farming that people depend on. Such activities have made the health sector, education for children and infrastructures to decline and thus contributing to hesitation for the voluntary return of the citizens who fled to the camps as refugees,” the clergy said.

“Homes were deserted, children are malnourished and agricultural activities suspended due to occupancy of land by herders,” he added.

However, Bishop Aba appealed for an urgent intervention by the State leadership on such calamities to enable free return of the citizens from the camps back to their homes.

Meanwhile, Governor Emmanuel Adil has assured the community delegation of the government’s effort towards addressing the contentious security issues threatening the people of Liwolo and Kajo-Keji in particular. He called for patience as the State government works to control the situation.

“I am assuring you that we are investing many efforts to address the problems that face you in Liwolo and Kajo-Keji at large. We need you to be patient as we struggle to put things in place and believe that security will prevail,” the Governor said.

The State’s Governor has urged religious and community leaders to use their respective positions of influence to foster peace, reconciliation and voluntary return of the refugees back home.

In attendance of the meeting were the State Minister of Roads and Bridges, Mawa Moses and the Director General for the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Franco Mogga Wani.

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