Kenyan Ambassador summoned over Biar’s act against the President

Michael Makuei Lueth, government’s Spokesperson. (File Photo)

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan government has summoned Kenyan Ambassador to Juba and presented a protest letter demanding an explanation for permitting Peter Biar to utter irresponsible proclamation describing the President and commanders as drunkards during an interview by a KTV, a Kenyan Station last week.

Speaking to journalists after the weekly Cabinet’s meeting on Friday, Minister of Information, Telecommunication and Postal Service, Michael Makuei Lueth blamed Kenyan Government and the media for permitting Biar to insinuate things against individual privacies.

Last week, Peter Biar Ajang Deng during an interview with two Kenyan Stations was purportedly indicted for insinuating issues against President Salva Kiir Mayardit dubbing him alongside with his commanders as drunkards.

“We have summoned the Ambassador here and given him our protest. Our Ambassador in Kenya has also been directed to present the protest letter to the Foreign Ministry in Kenya. That was of course not acceptable for a media house in Kenya to allow people or opposition just to utter irresponsible statements in the media house. This is not acceptable and we have taken all the necessary actions to address such a situation,” Makuei stated.

However, Makuei challenged Biar’s act of disseminating President’s private matters and his commanders through the media as unethical and inhuman.

“It was an unfortunate situation because the speaker concentrated on the personal issues of the President not only that but he went as far as saying that all the commanders are drunkards who having been drinking during the war including his father because his father was a general also. It was very unfortunate that he uttered such statement,” the Minister said.

Makuei said South Sudan Ambassador in Kenya was tasked to ensure that the Kenyan government investigate the media house for having allowed such a person to spoil the personal reputation of the President of the nation, who has full dignity for his country and the globe at large.

He urged citizens to work in harmony to bring peace than pointing fingers against one another.

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