RUMBEK: 8 OPP took oath in Lakes State Legislative Assembly

Lakes state’s fully reconstituted Assembly Members. Photo: Yang Ater Yang

By Yang Ater Yang.

At least eight 8 members of Other Political Parties (OPP) were sworn in before the governor of Lakes State and State high court President yesterday.  

The swearing in ceremony of the eight members of Other Political Parties (OPP) took place at the Lakes State Legislative Assembly’s Premises on Wednesday in Rumbek.

Speaking shortly after the oath taking, the governor of Lakes State, General Rin Tueny Mabor urged all members of parliament to cooperate and work together to promote the slogan of Lakes State which is; “Lakes State first for sustainable peace”.

“Our slogan is Lakes State first and I will not work with you as political parties because is no one who is not from Lakes State. I will work as a governor for all here in Lakes State,” he said.

The governor of Lakes State general Rin Tueny Mabor congratulated the new speaker and all OPP members who have been recently appointed by President Salva Kiir Mayardit. 

“The implementation of Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (R-ARCISS) is a process and you know all these times we were not having a speaker and other OPP members presence in Lakes State Assembly. Now, we thank their chairman of other political parties (OPP) Mayen Majokdit for the appointment of his members of OPP to Lakes State Legislative Assembly and on top of them, the speaker, Madam Agum Jacob Chagai,” he said.

The newly sworn in speaker of Lakes State’s legislative assembly Madam Agum Jacob Chagai urged members of parliament and executive to work together to delivery social services to the people of Lakes State.

” What our community needs is social services delivery, development, security and peace, health and agriculture and we shall work together to delivery these services to them,” she said.

The Deputy Speaker of Lakes State Legislative Assembly Madam Ayen Meen Ador also called on members of parliament in Lakes State to join hands and work for the welfare of the entire population of Lakes State.

“We have this task to be here today and to join hands to cooperate and work together for the welfare of entire the people of Lakes State,” she said.

Madam Ayen Meen said, “I act for 3 months and members of parliament who are here with me are working for the welfare of our people.”

“As acting speaker from 3 months. We did 2 laws. One of the laws is governor’s speech and second law is a conduct of business of this August house,” she continued.

“We need to establish our leadership to be completed and specialized committees to be formed very soon so that the assembly can do its duties with the honorable members of specialized committees” she said.

“We hope that we will work together hand in hand so that we see the three pillars work together, Legislature, Executive and Judiciary. We will make our laws and the executive will implement laws made by the assembly and judiciary to execute the laws,” she explained.

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