YAMBIO: Governor Futuyo welcomes SPLM activities

SPLM Interim Secretary General, Peter Lam and his deligations in the office of the Governor Western Equatoria State. Photo by Alex Digi

By Alex Digi

The Governor of Western Equatoria State, Alfred Futuyo Karaba has welcomed the activities of the Sudan Peoples’ Libration Movement (SPLM) party to take place in the state.

Yesterday, the SPLM Interim Scretary General Comrade Peter Lam arrived in Western Equatoria State to conduct an awareness and preparation for the up coming elections in 2023.

While meeting the Governor of Western Equatoria State, Lam said that he visited the state for public rally with party members, and the communities of Western Equatoria to sensitize them on party’s preparation for the next election.

Meanwhile, The governor of Western Equatoria State Alfred Futuyo welcomed the visit of the SPLM in the state, he said that the state is peaceful and free for any political party because politics is like a football match.

“I welcome you the Secretary General of SPLM, for me I have no problem, politics is like a football match where every team is allowed to play and to see who are the winners, so you are welcome to conduct whatever activities you need to do in the state,” Futuyo said.

“I am also happy with President Salva Kiir, because what I always shout for is the unification of the force of which he has started, I hope it will not get stuck on the way, because there are forces who have no commanders in this country. By unifying them, it will improve the security in this country, even here in Yambio we have forces who are not under command of neither Salva Kiir, Riek Machar nor Abdelbagi and such forces too cause insecurity in the state,” the Governor added.

Futuyo however questioned why his state is being neglected from being given some resources to do their work.

“My question is also about the fund for development. Here in the state, there are no resources which can generate money, but our President refused to send for us cars. State’s ministers are footing because the state can’t provide them cars, is it happening because I, the Governor came from SPLA-IO? Or we are not part of South Sudan Government?” Futuyo questioned.

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