Let the community cooperate with the City Council in keeping Juba clean

City Council’s good initiative to help collect town garbage and keep the city clean after receiving new equipment for garbage collection from East African Co. Green to improve the set-up of collecting garbage in Juba city is still applaudable because we all want to live in a clean and healthy environment.

Keeping a clean environment is a cheap way of preventing disease and infections that are associated with rubbish and contamination of food, water, and open wounds. 

A filthy environment, the one that we currently live in is overgrowing and making us susceptible to cholera, typhoid, dysentery which are life threatening and affects the working force later; imagine absenteeism from work – whether formal or informal because you or your neighbor simply and remorselessly dumped a sick baby’s diapers carrying cholera, typhoid, dysentery and after a heavy rain down pour, these germs are carried to reach the whole town to attack the careless one.

The same; City Council’s initiative to classify garbage collection fees based on the nature of activities carried out by business enterprises, companies, organizations, government institutions and family households in the city is a good way to motivate people to do that which is good for their health.

This initiative will be declared after discussion and endorsement which will then be followed by immediate implementation and hopefully followed by full cooperation from the community.

It will surely be pointless when the garbage collection commences and then the trucks, the company and the city council are left to do the work alone. It will be a very great game changer for this country’s development when everybody steps up to work together to put an end to poor garbage disposal in the city and its vices.

May cooperation be portrayed during the whole garbage collection process and may the good initiative not end by the road sides and in the city but the residences and homes.   

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