EU calls on S. Sudan gov’t to care for street kids

European Union Ambassador Christian Bader addressing the Journalist as they celebrate the EU day (Photo: Taban Henry

By Taban Henry

The European Union is calling on South Sudan government to take care of street children wandering around the streets of Juba.

EU Ambassador in Juba, Christian Bader made the remarks yesterday when he paid a courtesy visit to the Juba orphanage Center as European Union celebrated their anniversary. Ambassador Bader said that the cost of this people leaving outside will be more costly in the near future.

The Diplomat stated that the street children will become criminals and the whole country will have to pay the police, judges and prison unless they are taken care off in the early stage for them not to be begging on the street.

“I urge you to take care of these children they are not much; the problem is that we give too much like billions which is our fault and we have to correct this. We have to make sure that like if it is 100,000,000 money is needed, we could mobilize that,” the Ambassador said.     

“The girls will be abused and suffer in the street and this has to stop because they are not millions of them because it’s only in Juba. In the country side children cannot be orphans in the villages in South Sudan People will take care of them, only big cities like Wau, Juba Malakal where this is happening but it’s an investment,” he continued.

The European Union is a unique economic and political union between 27 European Countries that work together to improve the lives of people in Europe and even further. “They have worked for peace, prosperity and well-being of its citizens for over 60 years. From six’s founding countries or members states in the 1950s”.   

He stressed that the money they are giving as a help will be more expensive in ten to twenty years. He said that, when these street children will become adults, because they will have no future on the street, and they will have to steal to survive, rob and the girls will be used, raped things like that smoking glue.

The EU Ambassador described South Sudan as a paradise where the street kids shouldn’t have this suffering because one could make agriculture any time. He added that it’s the time for the country to do something, saying even himself has to put something in the ground that he will be able to harvest in the months’ time.

He said people could have tomato, chicken, eggs and a lot of things in this country; commenting that, this is not a difficult country citing nice blessing of rains and sun as one of the things he would see agriculture in this country as a priority.

“We are here for the people of this country who are suffering and the most who are suffering are the women and the children, at least when I see these children, they are orphans who have lost their parents but at least they are here under your care of them but many of the children are out sides as I can see them,” he said.

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