Poverty is the worst form of violence-Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi was quoted saying- earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.

A poor country is one that is either having little money or one that is deserving of sympathy – as according to the English language; which means that a poor person is one who has little money or that one who is deserving sympathy.

A country called one of the poorest in the world ironically is the same termed a country filled with many natural resources, resources that are generically known like oil and to those are not considered at first thought like human resource.

As a South Sudanese citizen, how then would you call your country, and how would you define your financial position then? Despite the fact that generally we have a financial imbalance where a few are richer than the many; the common man appears to have accepted his ill fate.

The R-ARCSS states in chapter 4, sub-section 14, article 10 that the transitional government shall be responsible in reforming the country’s existing economic and public sector and keep it corrupt free, hold all government’s activities in regard to the two sectors accountable and these activities should be transparent too. The public should know; what, how, when, where, why, to whom all the country’s resources are given to. Although unfortunately; this is not what is being done. The preachers have clearly failed to do as they preach!

“The RTGoNU shall reform South Sudan’s existing economic and public sector financial management institutions, to ensure that public financial management of oil and non-oil revenues, the exchange rate, budgetary processes, procurement, management of payroll, public concessions, borrowing, debt and regulatory agencies are effective, transparent and accountable, free from corruption, compliant with international best practices and the laws of the Republic of South Sudan, and that resources are properly allocated and used for the benefit of the people of South Sudan”.

With only a few months left for the country to transition into a free-equal-just nation. Its high time the citizens questioned, is South Sudan really going through the right metamorphosis?      

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