Dozens killed in Kormayang cattle camp

Courtesy photo

By Adia Jildo

20 cattle keepers were left dead and 11 others wounded after unknown gunmen intruded into Kormayang, Melijo cattle camp in Nimule Payam of Magwi County and carried out the attack, police official in Nimule said Wednesday.

Police inspector of Nimule David Kasmiro said that out of the 20 who were killed, 3 were children under the age of 1 and 5 women who were victims of the raids.

“They killed 20 and wounded 11 and missing people in the bush not counted since the people who followed them have not returned up to now. We don’t know whether they are following them or got displaced during the attack,” David said.

He said that the raiders attacked at night leaving 50 cattle dead and 10,000 cattle raided.

“There is no communication from the herders who followed the raiders and those remaining here. The information reached us at around 5 am,” he said.

David said the presence of cattle herders in Nimule has caused a threat to the civilian population as raiders attack leaving the place insecure though citing calm in the area now.

“Those who were camped at Melijo are now being displaced to Nimule town,” he said.

He called on the people to stay calm as the government and military personnel are in place to enable the security calm.

He said that herders have agreed to evacuate their cattle from Nimule as some had started the evacuation already.

“The cattle are transported by vehicles everyday like two, three cattle each day. The cattle are more that’s why they are still around,” he said.

He said that corpses are still in the mortuary at Nimule hospital for postmortem.

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