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South Sudan continue to shed blood Amide Peace Deals

By Kiden Stela Mandela

South Sudan is currently not stable in terms of security, and it’s only in Juba that relative security is seen, this issue is very serious that in other parts of South Sudan more especially Eastern Equatoria State, Central Equatoria and some parts of Unity State, it is unbecoming because the fighting in Mugali Payam of the Eastern Equatoria State that killed over 20 people including three Children which is so disturbing in the country.  Last week a Mama of 65 years old was raped by a young man of 18 years old in the same Mugali –Nimule and 14 years old girl too in Nimule area.

Just suffering of civilian displacement becomes live style of the people in South Sudan as if there are no governors in the States to oversee all problems or crisis. It is clear that there is interest among the leaders focusing on something but not the lives of the civilians, since this incident happened some months ago but all the political parties are silent about it, because if it is not so why are civilians crying day and night but nobody, hears them?

Politicians are accountable for the loss of lives all over in the country because there is no way the cattle raiders continue to threaten the lives of civilians in all parts of greater Equatoria example in Lainya last month the cattle raiders killed the whole family of; mother, father and their two children which is a treat still. In this case if the cattle raiders are not armed by the politicians then where are they getting their arms? This attitude should change otherwise it will not take us anywhere in the presence of the peace deal. This loosing of lives every day is a sign of no peace in the country and insecurity everywhere and even within the city, still abductions of civilian by unknown gun men in a way that if you are Lucy your money and belongings are removed and you are left free or death, this should be treated as alert signals for the security to do more than they were/are already doing to ensure the safety of everybody all over the country.

If this crisis continues and people continue losing lives daily, it means that one-day South Sudan will be left only for politicians to live in.

I appeal to the national government to intervene over the situation of civilians in Mugali –Nimule of Eastern Equatoria State and also extend it to Unity and other States in the country and continue with the peace process and to bring total peace to the country. It is not good seeing your citizens suffering all the time bushes became their homes yet they are just displaced with issues which are solvable.

I also appeal to the citizens of South Sudan to continue supporting the government in the implementations of the peace agreement.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be Right there!    

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