Panic in Juba as human trafficking escalates

Michael Lado Allah-Jabu City Council Mayor. File Photo

By Bida Elly David

The authority of Juba City Council is warning locals in Juba to be alert as human trafficking and abduction has reportedly been inflicted on inhabitants surrounding most vicinities.

The Mayor of Juba City Council, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu made the statement to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday. The City Mayor said that the current human trafficking and kidnapping in Juba is alarming. He stated that, it has reportedly been played by a group of people who claim to be public taxi drivers.

The statement came following numerous reported related cases by people about human trafficking and abductions which have been carried out by unidentified group(s) of people.

He said that, despite the fact that the authorities have not yet witnessed any case, reports from citizens who witnessed the tragedies have clearly indicated that such activities are trending within the city.  

“These kidnappers pretend to you that; they are public taxi transporters yet they are not. When they see you moving on foot, they park for you pretending that they are transporters. When you get in, they are organised inside as a group who are well planned in order to kidnap you. Once you are inside, either they rob you by force and then push you down from the car if you are lucky,” Michael said.

Allah-Jabu further said that the kidnappers were reportedly accused of using drugs or inject you with a substance to make you sleep before performing their duties, and above all remove some organs from the human body for sacrifice. 

“The traffickers after kidnapping you tend to inject you with those kinds of medicines or drugs that make you sleepy and then from there when you tend to not know anything, they will do anything that they want to do.” Michael said.

Michael reiterated that it had come to their notice that the traffickers after killing a person tend to remove some body organs for either sacrifice or commercial purposes.

“Despite that I don’t have clear concrete information; it has come into my notice that those people sometimes kill you and take some parts of the body like the kidney, the heart and all that. These are the sayings of these days but I know that there is no fire without smoke or smoke without fire so these are issues that people used to talk about,” he reiterated.

In continuation, Michael said that it has come to his notice that there were foreign doctors involved in the illicit killing of people aimed at removing their body organs for commercial purposes.

He said that they have been using young boys to execute the activities of trafficking and kidnapping to serve their purposes.

“I have noticed that there are some doctors who have come inside South Sudan basically from outside. And they are there for the illicit activities they are doing and especially taking some parts of the people killed as what I see. They can smuggle you through these types of public transport. The other way they are using is through the young street boys. They tell them that they would give them something,” he said.

However, Michael urged citizens especially those living in Juba to be careful as they board public transport to their destinations since the situation is becoming trending.

“Let the citizens in Juba take care by not taking any unnecessary transport on the road. Whenever they get any transport on the road they need not to take it. It is better if they can go footing or they see a bus with many people. Most of these criminals always are either two or three in a bus. They have to take a bus with many people inside and not the isolated ones,” Allah-Jabu said.

Meanwhile access to reach the police for more details on this issue was not successful.

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