Directorate of Nationality to issue National ID to citizens in Mundri

Major Julius Benjamin/Courtesy Photo

By John Sylvester

The Directorate of Nationality, Passport and Immigration in Western Equatoria State has launched a one-week’s mobile office in Mundri West County on Thursday to help in issuing National ID cards (nationality certificates) to the citizens.

Speaking during the official launch, the deputy head of delegation, Major Julius Benjamin said that the mission is to work for one week to issue the nationality IDs for those who do not have them and then move to other location in the state.

While addressing locals there, Benjamin said that the team will be in Mundri West for a few days and then go to other areas to continue working on Nationality IDs and passport processing to the people who do not have them.

“Anyone in Mundri here who does not have nationality ID and passport and needs to do its process he/she will come to the office of the immigration in Mundri,” Benjamin further said.

Meanwhile, Brigadier William Aboud for greater Mundri called on the locals to come along with witnesses during the processing of national IDs and passports   

For his part, Commissioner Dawa Justin encouraged the locals of Mundri to process their nationality IDs and passports as they are important to them.

She also welcomed the initiative in the county as it will be easier compared to going up to Juba for one to process these documents.

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