Safety fears as teen boy shot by robbers

By Staff Writer  

Safety fears after gang robbers who intruded into a neighborhood’s house in Gudele block nine (9) at around 8:00 pm on Wednesday evening, shot a ten-year-old boy at the abdominal side while trying to escape to a close neighbor’s house.

The boy was shot with a revolver (handgun) and the terrified thieves leaped for their lives and fled the compound.

A woman, adjacent to the raided house was left in floods of tears following the raid by the gang.

Mama Kide, 39, lost her new smartphone which her sister just sent to her from Canada.

“It was still very early, at around 8:00 pm in the evening; most of the people were still outside. My phone was also taken; my new phones which my sister sent to me from Canada, I didn’t use it,” the 39-year-old woman said desperately.

The woman said that, the criminals picked some valuables including smartphones, computers and a motorcycle.

She said that the injured boy was later taken to a neighbouring private clinic for first aid therapy and later referred to hospital for surgical treatment where he had an operation and 2 ammunitions removed from the side of his abdomen.   

It is not the first time such incident happened in the area; many locals have been complaining about criminal activities which are taking place within some suburbs at the outskirts of Juba town, especially in parts of Gudele.

Mama Kide told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that, she is wondering what is taking place in Juba with the increasing daylight robbery.

She said that the only phone she was left with was seized from her by some young gangs.

“Surely, what happened to me and my neighbour’s house really shows that this country is full of criminals. They can steal you at day time; that is not stealing, that is real robbing; they can rob you at daylight,” she said.

The mother of four stressed that, the boys rolled papers just like a bundle of money, and placed real money from the surface.

And when she was moving, one of the boys called her mama, mama, mama, is this not your money? Then she turned around and saw something like money, she went towards it and the boy also came close to the package.

Later she picked up the package and saw real cash, and she was so happy; immediately she put in her bag, and later she told the boy since you saw it, let us go and divide the money and they went under a certain tree.

Mama Kide said, as she was sitting down, shortly the boy asked her whether she has a phone; immediately she responded yes, I do.

Then the boy said, can you help me and I call my brother, mama said no problem, she gave the phone and the boy took off with the phone. 

“I gave the phone, I sat down and started unroll the bundle, I only found papers, when I rose up my head, the boy has already escaped with my phone,” she said.

The woman appealed to government towards improving the security to local poor residents at the outskirts of Juba town. She said what happened was very unfortunate.

“People are suffering, again you add with these growing criminal activities. Our situation will worsen if the government didn’t see any possible means to eliminate these criminals that rob at daylight; the situation is growing worse than in the past three years,” she stressed.  

“Today, after almost 5 years, the residents of block nine (9) which used to be the most secure and loved outskirts of Gudele suburb turned out to be one of the unsecured places as residents are being robbed at daylight,” she continued.

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