SSFA Board brainstorms ways to promote football activities

SSFA Board brainstorms ways to promote football activities

By Bida Elly David

The Board of Directors for South Sudan Football Association yesterday held a meeting at the general football headquarters to brainstorm on a crucial agenda related to the ongoing football developments in the country.

The meeting discussed in length the preparations of both men’s and women’s national teams for the upcoming competitions such as the 2023 African Cup of Nations qualifiers and Cecafa Women’s Senior Championship respectively.

Furthermore, the meeting also discussed the completion of Juba Stadium which would be adjourned to the 4th quarter of this year with the hopes to play the African Cup of Nations qualifiers matches on home ground.

The seating in continuation also deliberated on the incoming Inter-School tournaments for girls under the age of twelve (12) in Juba for the implementation of the recent introduced Pilot Project for Menstrual Hygiene and Education.

Speaking during the meeting, Augustino Maduot, the president for South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) said that the association shall be committed as they prepare for variety of football qualifications to move the country ahead.

He added that preparing the national team for both men and women to meet the African Cup qualifiers needed efforts and a series of strategies that would determine their success.

“As we meet for this meeting, we need to ensure thorough preparations for the national team for both female and men towards the African Cup of Nations qualifiers. I believe that with the necessary efforts and arrangements we are doing, everything will be possible and both teams for the men and ladies shall have the momentum and courage to take us ahead,” Augustino stressed.

“We need commitment and time to meet our goals. It has not been easy and it is not easy but if we join our hands towards pushing our national teams ahead, we shall be victorious,” he added.

However, SSFA boss commended the harmony his team has been undertaking towards conducting the under twelve (12) girl’s tournaments in respect to implementing the pilot project for Menstrual Hygiene and Education in the country.

He said that their mandate was to promote South Sudan’s Football team to a higher level and ensure to build a good relation with other countries through sports activities.

“I would like to appreciate my colleagues at South Sudan Football Association for the harmony and team work towards pushing the country’s football activities to a certain level. As we organise the under twelve (12) girl’s football tournament to mark the implementation of the project for Menstrual Hygiene and Education, we believe that our commitment shall be of great importance to promote women,” he said.  

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