Cabinet approves $28.2 million for water resource management

By Philip Buda Ladu

The Council of Ministers approved a work plan worth 28.2 million US Dollars for the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources to purchase equipment for the dredging of rivers and the construction of mini dams and kafirs in the country to manage the water resources.

Michael Makuei Lueth, the Information Minister and government’s spokesperson said that the Cabinet listened to a report by Manawa Peter Gatkuot, the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources on the operationalization of a work plan of the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources.

Makuei said that the plan is for the conservation of water resources in the country and the ministry plans to buy equipment for clearing waterways and construction of mini dams and water reservours.

“The operationalization of this project is actually for the purchase of equipment that are needed for the Ministry in order to enable it conduct its functions and duties in terms of development of water sources like kafirs, dredging of the rivers and construction of mini dams for the preservation of water and so forth” Makuei stated.

He said that the cost of the implementation of the water resource management project was approximated to be 28,233,714 US Dollars.

“This amount was supposed to be within the plan or the budget of this year and the Cabinet approved the implementation or the payment of this amount to the Ministry so that it can operationalize its projects for this year,” he told reporters on Friday.

Makuei underscored that the yet to be purchased equipment are not only equipment for this year but are equipment that will last for long and will be able to serve the whole of South Sudan and all the other ministries which may need the services of that equipment.

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