Family of the late Abuk receives financial assistance

Mr. Lual Lual, the father of the late 6-year-old girl/Courtesy phtot

By Ngor Deng Matem

 The family of 6-year-old girl who was raped and killed has received financial assistance from South Sudanese women in diaspora.

The money provided is meant to support the family as they grieve over the death of the minor.

Abuk Lual Lual was raped, killed and dumped in a pit latrine in Aweil town by known Sudanese businessman.

As a result, police arrested three men in connection to the inhumane action.

Today (Saturday), Mr. Lual Lual, the father of the late young girl said that he received the cash of 356, 000 South Sudanese Pounds from sympathizers from the diaspora.

Mr. Lual Lual acknowledged the support which he termed as love that people showed to him.

“I appreciate everyone for standing with us at this difficult time. Thank you everyone,” he said in a video clip while receiving the money.

“Today (Saturday) we received 356,000 SSP an amount equivalent to more than US Dollars 800,” Lual revealed.

The money was a donation from South Sudanese women in the diaspora, in particular the US, Canada, Australia and others.

Mrs. Amel Garang Adup, also known as Amel Abun is the head of the team mobilizing funds in Canada.

“This is not all the contribution we have for them. This is only a small amount of it and more will come time by time,” Amel expressed.

Amel further added, “we need justice over this case and for justice to prevail, we want to prevent the bribery to weaken or kill the justice. We want the family of the late Abuk to be financially independent to avoid accepting any money the suspects would pay as blood compensation or whatever,” Amel explained.

Angel Abuk was killed on the 3rd of May 2022 by Sudanese businessman in Aweil. This week, Aweil youth in collaboration with members of civil society organizations held a peaceful demonstration demanding for justice over Abuk’s case.

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