Warrap gov’t reiterates call for peace with Abyei citizens

Hon. Santino Diing Wek speaking to residents in Twic County/Photo by Ngor Deng Matem

By Ngor Deng Matem

A delegation from Warrap state making peace awareness briefed the citizens in Twic county to maintain better security, peace and unity with Abyei people.

The delegation headed by the state Minister of Cabinet Affairs Santino Diing Wek, minister of Local government Anei Arop and other senior government officials paid an official visit to Nyindeng Ayuel of Twic County.

Speaking to the citizens, Santino Diing encouraged the people of Twic to maintain peace with their neighbors.

“We have to maintain good relationship with our neighbors very tightly. Our message as government is to work hard towards restoration of unity as we have common social norms together,” he said.

Santino further urged the citizens to respect the humanitarian organizations.

“Let us cooperate with these NGOs so that they can provide humanitarian aid to the exact displaced persons. Let us be specific to register only the people displaced from Aneet and Athony. The host community is also indeed suffering from hunger but the people displaced are the neediest ones,” he said.

“The issue of land between Twic and Abyei can be addressed by the national government. As a result, the Cessation of Hostility signed in Aweil must be respected by both parties and if there are violations recorded, then leave it in the hands of the government,” he advised.

Diing also warned the youths against staging attacks and road blocks.

For his part, the state Member of Parliament representing Twic in Warrap State Assembly, Awan Madut Kon asked the youths to be defensive in their territories.

“We have to protect ourselves but we cannot attack,” MP Awan stated.

Anei Arop, minister of local government in Warrap state said that people are the resources of society.

“Don’t attack but be defensive in your positions. Everyone needs peace and development and therefore maintaining peace and unity promotes better security. So let us embrace peace,” he said.

Earlier this week, Twic and Abyei renewed clashes in Athony over the land ownership.

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