Aweil police report attempted rape

By Ngor Deng Matem

Police in Northern Bahr el Ghazal state reported that it arrested a 47-year-old man accused of attempted rape.

The incident happened last Saturday night in Nyalath area, a distance of 20 kilometres from Aweil town.

Speaking to the state Police spokesman, Captain Guot Guot said the survivor was rushed to the hospital for medical examination.

“Police received information in the midnight and the police vehicle was sent to the scene to bring them. They were brought and the girl was first rushed to the hospital for medical check. Doctors however found that the girl was still a virgin despite the fact that, some sperms were found around her private parts and her legs. The accused is in custody and section 63/247 was opened against him in Special Protection Unit, SPU,” Guot pointed out.

Captain Guot expressed unhappiness as they recently handled the rape case that involved death of a 6-year-old girl in Aweil town.

“NBG State Police is in deep shock to see the photo of an innocent girl being circulated on social media alleging that a 47-year-old man raped an 8-year-old girl in Nyalath. First of all, the circulation of the photo of the young girl on social media was wrong, unethical and above all, a total violation of the rights of the survivor including right to privacy. As the story scratched the wounds of the previous incident, I must shed light on what really happened.” Guot stressed.

The incident was said to have occurred at night in a room while people were sleeping at Nyalath Payam. Nyalath is located about 20kms west of Aweil town.

“In the midnight of Saturday 14th May 2022 at Nyalath Payam, Aweil Centre County, a 45-year-old man Garang Ngor Ngor, a South Sudanese, attempted to rape an 11-year-old girl, name withheld for privacy reason, at Nyalath Payam, Aweil Centre County” the Captain clarified.

“The man was sleeping in the same room with the family of the young girl, mother and siblings, when the suspect, Garang, woke up in the middle of the night and attempted to rape the girl. During the attempt, the young girl screamed loudly and everyone in the room woke up and the accused was detained,” Guot added.

Aweil Police condemned the ill behaviour and also warned the social media users of irresponsible posting of the photo for the survivor which he said to be violating the privacy policies.

“At this juncture, police condemn, in strongest terms possible, the display of the picture of the victim and whoever took the picture and displayed it on social media exposing the little girl will face consequences. In any future crime, you are advised to exercise patience and the police will give you accurate information about the case. Do not rush for the sake of rushing because you will rush and you will crush,” Guot concluded. Many people including human rights activists have called on the judiciary to fairly preside the ruling over the rape cases as per the constitution that defends human rights.

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