KITGUM-UGANDA: Authorities call for calm amid salary arrears delay

By Martha John Savio

Kitgum district Chief administrative officer, (CAO) Mr. Musisi Joel has urged the affected civil servants to remain calm amid salary delay for one month.

Mr. Musisi spoke in a press conference to a group of media out lets at Kitgum Social Centre on Monday.

He mentioned the reasons for the delay of salary payment of the affected civil servants and advised them to make smarter financial decisions next time.

“The affected departments are education, finance, councilors and sub counties chair persons. The delay was due to miss coordination between the production units which was mandated to table down all the employees’ details before submitting reports to Bank of Uganda and more so, some civil servants have obtained loans from banking institutions without paying interest fares and this also affects their salaries” Mr. Musisi stated.

The CAO further mentioned that the district finance officer, Mr. Omony Denis is processing the salary scale and at any moment the people affected will be paid.

He also appealed to the civil servants to be patient and carry out their duties efficiently since by next month all efforts will be comprehended to make payments in advance so as to avoid interruptions by bank loans.

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