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Finally, the Bishop of Yei is consecrated in to Bishopric

By Kiden Stela Mandela

The Catholic Archdiocese of Yei finally consecrated and installed the formerly appointed Bishop Elect by Pope Francis of the Catholic Church in February 2022, succeeding his Predecessor Bishop Emeritus Erkulano Lado Tombe who served for 36 years in the diocese of Yei.

It followed a series of preparations that started earlier waiting for the replacement of the bishop Emeritus Erkulano Lado Tombe who retired from Bishopric position due to age frequency, and the Celebration was witnessed by a Number of Clerics such as Sudanese Cardinal Zuberi Wako, the apostolic Nuncio for South Sudan and Kenyan, Bert Van Megan, Bishops from Different Catholic Dioceses, Clerics from other Denominations, a joyful congregation and government officials among others.

Yei as a peaceful county will work hand in hand with the Newly Consecrated Bishop Alex Lodiong Soka towards building the Church of the Lord, leaving tribal Centrism when in the House of the lord, the application of tribal and perception towards the struggling for the leadership of the Church should be avoided like what happened to the Bishop of the Rumbek Diocese,  Bishop-elect of Rumbek Catholic Diocese who was shot and wounded last year, that was taken for treatment before he returned to the country ready to work for peace and serve the church.

Christian Carlassare was shot in April last year by Gunmen at his residence in Rumbek town of Lakes State. The incident occurred barely two weeks into his ordination.

Carlassare was then transferred to Nairobi, Kenya where he spent months on treatment before he was discharged in June 2021. The motive of the attack was not clear at that time, following the incident, police arrested 35 people in connection to the shooting until early last month the high Court Managed to Slap Criminal charges against four suspects and acquitted two others accused of the crime. One priest found guilty, was sentenced to 7 years’ prison.

The church needed to be guided by the power of the Holy Spirit, love, courage and forgiveness because Jesus does not want us to be slaves but only for him the almighty and that happens through character and mercy not by tribal. As Alex comes in as the Newly Appointed Bishop should be able to show his kindness to the people of Yei and to the other dioceses in the country only love should fill your heart and remember that when there are things to do with education, also you will be able to pick from Yei not only from your side just like in the past where some brothers were stopped from the point of ordination in Yei, for example the late Paulino Dada was who stopped at the point of ordination and three others and even some priests were stopped from preaching the word of God the likes of Abuna Simon was stopped by the Bishop without any clear reason, last in the past, children that applied for seminary from the diocese of Yei were never taken serious, we hope the bad things that happened do not repeat themselves.

Church is not for politics but house serving the people of God.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there!

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