Ngok, Twic asked to stop fighting each other

Wol Madut Aluak, Chairperson of the Republican Peoples Party. (Photo: Taban Henry)

By Taban Henry

A prominent politician from the Republican Peoples Party has called on the citizens of both the Ngok and Twic communities to cease from violence.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Wol Madut Aluak the Chairperson for Republican Peoples Party; an opposition party in South Sudan has called on the citizens of both the Ngok and Twic communities to desist from violence. 

“I am advising the youth of Twic to stop fighting the Ngok people. Ngok is in the border and their land has been occupied by the enemies and they were forced to move to the other parts of Warrap State who were earlier welcomed by the people of Twic, who act as the security of the Twic, I don’t see why the two communities do not halt from such atrocities,” he said.

Madut added that the President of the Republic of South Sudan formed the committee to investigate the violence, but soon after committee’s return, the two communities returned into conflict.

He urged the communities of Twic and Ngok to unite as one to develop their community better.

“I am begging the youth from Twic to stop the fighting because the enemies are very happy with the current conflict that is taking place between the two people. The more these two communities continue to kill themselves the more the enemies are benefiting,” he stated.

Madut mentioned that the land, the two communities are living in belongs to both the Twic and Ngok people adding that the Ngok are protecting the Twic people as they leave along the borders.

“I am urging the youth from Twic and Ngok to immediately stop the violence and listen to their elders. People have to sit down and hold dialogues because the land belongs to both of you,” he explained.

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