Authority in Mvolo County calls for intervention for Mundri-Mvolo road

Petroleum trailer facing the damaged Mundri–Mvolo Road/Photo by Rain David

Authorities in Mvolo County of Western Equatoria state have described the Mundri – Mvolo road as terrible as per the heavy rains this year that have delayed the business and people in accessing their destinations.

Speaking to citizen No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper through phone call interview on Tuesday from Juba, Mvolo County Commissioner John Kumo Dee said that he has had a series of meetings with road construction companies to assess the road condition more especially the road that is connecting Yeri Payam to Mvolo which he described as totally blocked by the water.

He also appealed to the road construction companies to intervene.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner appealed to the road companies to cooperate with county authorities in regards to improving the road.

“Mundri –Mvolo road is the only route that connects Rumbek, Yirol and Western Counties. The road connecting Mundri and Mvolo is a very important route because it joins different states, counties, payams and bomas” said the Commissioner.

For his part, James Magok, a citizen from Mvolo described the distresses that the road users go through including traders and the local community.

“We have taken off from Mvolo since yesterday at 9:00 am till we reached Mundri today this morning (Tuesday) due to bad road conditions. As per now, more than 600 vehicles are on standby by the road from Mundri- Mvolo, and it has affected the communities and those traders coming from Yirol, Rumbek via Mvolo are parked” said James Magok.

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