Dozens killed and 9 other injured in Leer, official says

By Yien Gattuor Mead

The Commissioner of Leer County, Stephen Taker Riek has confirmed the killing of 28 people and injuring 9 more people in Leer communal conflict.

Commissioner Taker Riek condemned the two counties Mayiandit and Koch for committing the attacks and called upon both communities to shun violence but accept long lasting peace.

“As authority in Leer County, we have confirmed that 10 people have been killed and 9 people injured who belong to us, and 18 people were killed from the attackers that came from Koch and Mayiandit. Violence carried out by army youth of Mayiandit and Koch counties. 

“I don’t think there is a solution for the killed civilians at the movement. Now where we are in peace time, this peace agreement is very important to everybody if anybody wants to do farming, they are free to do it,” he stressed.  

Taker Riek emphasized the need for peace and unity within the community for the benefit of the whole country.

“It is not good for them do such things of attacking each other. It will not take us anywhere,” he added. 

Taker farther called upon the humanitarian bodies to provide assistance especially by providing food to the locals because they are short of food and only surviving on cattle.

The Commissioner of Koch County, Gordon Koang Biel speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper via a telephone call however described what Taker said as a baseless allegation.

“There is no army youth from Koch County. The said attacks on yesterday morning Monday 16 may 2022 on Leer County cattle camp are not true,” he said.

The Commissioner of Mayiandit County was contacted but the efforts to reach him were futile as the telephone number did not reach through.

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