Humanitarian situation worsen, governor appeals for aid

The Governor of Unity State, Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang Photo

 By Yien Gattuor mead 

As humanitarian situation in Southern Unity State worsens, the population is in dire need of humanitarian assistant. The State government is now appealing for a quick humanitarian intervention as hefty down pours approaches.  

The Unity State government on Tuesday met with delegation of humanitarian actors operating in Bentiu to review humanitarian action plan in response to the catastrophic humanitarian situation ahead of the rainy season.

State Governor Dr. Joseph Manytuil Wejang met with Donors and Humanitarian Actors in Bentiu led by Humanitarian Coordinator and Special Envoy for Unity State, Peter Van Der in the State’s General Secretariat.

In the meeting, Governor Manytuil Wejang has urged humanitarian actors including UN Agencies and International Organizations to intervene and provide humanitarian assistance to flood victims and those affected by conflict in Southern Unity.

“I am urging humanitarian Agencies to support those affected by conflict in southern unity, they are in need of humanitarian assistance, the area like Leer, Mayiandit and Koch. The community are in difficult situations, their properties were destroyed by conflict,” the governor stressed. 

On the other hand, head of the delegation, Peter Van Der has commended the initiative and step taken by Unity State Government towards relief support to flood affected individuals.

Mr. Peter Van Der has assured the commitment of international community to complement the State government’s effort in saving lives of flood affected persons across Unity State.

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