RDC ensures security amid cattle raiding

Komakech William, the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) of Kitgum District, Uganda. Photo/ Martha John Savio

By Martha John Savio

KITGUM – UGANDA: Kitgum’s Residence District Commissioner (RDC), Mr. Komakech William has ensured safety to sub counties of Namukora, Orom and Omiya Anyima that have been affected by Karamojong cattle raiders in the past 3 months. 

Mr. Komakech said that the disarmament is being carried out and security organs have been deployed at the borders of Akoromo, Kotido and Lodwar to avert the cattle raiders from disturbing community’s peaceful co-existence.

The Residence District Commissioner, Mr. Komakech described the security situation in the area while at his office after the security meeting.

“Today, Thursday, the deployment had just been scaled up for one week and there is no more alarm of threats compared to the past 3 months that were full of instability in the sub counties,” he said.

Mr. William further noted that the deployment was done according to the head of security organs’ meeting that was held in February 10th 2022 in Agago District whose aim was to come up with comprehensive solutions to the instability caused by the Karamojong cattle raiders since they are always armed. They are not only raiding cattle but also kill,” Mr. William said.

According to the RDC, so far, he has recorded 521 raided livestock in which 11 were sheep, 48 herds of cattle, 462 goats and 10 human lives were lost in just one month, the month of March.

The Kitgum RDC consequently said that he had investigated and found out that there are some groups of individuals who collaborate with the raiders for their own selfish gains irrespective of the community’s peaceful coherence but promised that the preparators will be held accountable once they are caught.

Conclusively he said that all the residents should be vigilant to notify any visitors in the residence and report to the local leaders since security begins with one’s self and responsibility over not just property but one’s life too.

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