Poor health services frustrate locals in Mundri

Clients waiting for health workers at Mundri Primary Health Care Unit/Photo by John Sylivestor Timba

By John Sylivestor Timba

As MSF project comes to an end, Mundri Primary Health Care Center has begun facing shortage of health workers just a week following the announcement to end their project in the county.  

In an interview with No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper in Mundri on Thursday, the Team Leader of the facility in charge of Mundri Primary Health Care Center, Festus Ezibon said that the withdrawal of MSF has created a big gap within health workers to give treatment to the large population.

While speaking, Ezibon Festus described that it’s hard for the nurses to give treatment to a big number of patients and he appealed to the CUAAM and County Health Department to intervene.

“Withdrawal of MSF has created big gap in the health facilities in greater Mundri since the population of patients is reaching to 300 per day in the health center” Festus said.

Meanwhile, some of the clients; Mama Ever and Rebecca said that they have been facing challenges with the health workers in the hospital to a point when the service is so poor to none.

“We came to the facility but we did not get any health personnel who can help us to access medical treatment. We come here since with a sick person to the hospital we did not find workers here and even now we have our children suffering miserably” Mama Ever Said.   

She further called on the government and health partners for urgent intervention to deploy more health workers in the facility.

She also added that lack of enough drugs has also become a major challenge at Mundri Primary Health Care Centre.

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