Lamwo: Local councilors received over 600 bicycles

By Martha John Savio

UGANDA-KITGUM – Local leaders in Lamwo district of Uganda have applauded and embraced the district leadership for distributing bicycles that will facilitate their movement.

The leaders have received about 613 bicycles from government.

Lamwo district chairperson Local council (LC-5), Mr. Cisto Oketayot in a telephone interview said that the bicycles will be distributed to only local councilors ‘1 and 2’ (LC1&2).

The LC5 said that the main purpose for distributing the bicycles is to ease transportation and mobilization processes of parish development model within the local communities and parishes.

He further stated that the local councilors will be notified to begin registration of names and group names as they wait for fund to be released in July

He did not mention how much or an approximate funds to be released, and how will release the fund.

In addition, Mr. Cisto further said that the main key objective for allotting the bicycles is to implement the central government plan of parish development model, and to up lift community out of poverty without any individual interest of political affiliation.

Oketayot added that the parish development model will benefit the farmers, business enterprises and every grassroot person provided he or she is registered in the parish and is fixed in the group live the same standard of living.

The parish development model is a second Ugandan government project   after Myoga project that benefited only self-employed initiatives. 

Early this year, government has established parish development model all over the country with local councilors 1and 2 to take up the lead in guiding the communities throughout the “5 years” of running the project and these leaders will be paid 1 million Uganda shilling (1m USH).

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