Mayor warns youths over marungi consumption

Confiscated Marungi by the operation team (Photo Bida Elly)

By Bida Elly David

The Mayor of Juba City Council yesterday cautioned young people over consumption of verdures (Marungi) and other drugs which are toxic to their health.

The Mayor’s warning followed the arrest of a man who was found selling two sacks of Marungi to young men in Juba a week ago.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper yesterday, the Mayor of Juba city council, Michael Lado Allah Jabu said that they had earlier introduced an operation exercise to arrest drug dealers and have confiscated some toxic drugs that impeded the health of the young people, but the traders seemed not to have paid attention.

Allah Jabu promised to stop sale of drugs in Juba though it can take long process for immediate implementation and execution by the citizens.

“There is no doubt on the existence of Marungi in Juba town.  Not only does Marungi exist but also Opium (Bangi), Marijuana. They always move hand to hand and being sold in the same places. The issue of Bangi is becoming a normal practice just like the normal cigarette,” Mayor said.

“As the authority of Juba City Council, we used to move around from time-to-time arresting sellers and buyers of Marungi and other drugs. A week ago, we got two sacks of Marungi. We brought them to the City Authority and arrested the owner. We are trying to eliminate this phenomenon since people have been consuming them throughout,” he continued.

Mr. Allah Jabu said that as a concerned authority, they always interfere into anything that is against the health of people.

He added that, government’s interference is a mechanism to stop the sale of drugs, and said he will issue a local order for conducting a general operation and arresting drugs and apprehend the sellers.

However, Juba City Mayor urged youths to abstain from unnecessary consumption of drugs such as Marungi (Guts) for the good of their health.

He said his office would not decline inspecting other internal malpractices that affects youth and the society.

Mayor called parents to induct their children through family guidance in order to mitigate such situations.

“I am going to issue a local order specifically to search for hidden illicit drugs being sold in the City and apprehend the sellers. In our by-laws, thre are drugs that have never been included but we shall work on them,’’ he said

He finally urged the citizens to join them in the exercise and trace illicit drugs against the future of the Nation.

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