Medical workers killed in Nimule

By Adia Jildo

The police inspector in Nimule, David Kasmiro yesterday reported the death of a medical personnel allegedly chopped by unknown criminal gangs at Anzara where he took refuge in Nimule following Mugali’s incident.

Patrick Tongun, the medical personnel aged 72 had was working in the health center at Mugali.

According to the police officer, the 72-year-old man went out in search for his daily bread in the evening hours to a nearby center at Anjara and shorty, he was abducted and slaughtered.

“Yesterday, an old man was slaughtered. He got out of the camp heading to the market with his radio at hand early at around 3 PM and when he was returning back to Abila just 200 meters to his refugee camp, he was killed near a fence,” David said.

The officer said that, government is in process of investigating the act behind the murder of late Tongun Lado.

However, the police inspector called on the people of South Sudan to unite and live in harmony with each other and put their tribal issues aside.

“We have reached at a bad stage where the country is not the country we knew before. All you hear is a person has been killed, revenged killing, people being displaced while others are living in fear,” he said.

The police inspector said that people are living in terror, as others take refugee due to skirmish that took place in recent time to the neighboring country.

Raymond Mwaka Anzara, also an Internally Displaced Person from Mugali village said that the incident happened whilst the deceased was returning back from the center, an area approximately 200 meters to the fence.

Mwaka said that, they got a report from someone who was passing by at around 5:00 pm.

According to him, the person saw a radio and a person in a bush wearing a white T-shirt with blood, then later ran to call for people in the camp; people came and saw it and immediately called the police.

Mr. Mwaka said the situation in the camp is scary as there has been random movement of youth in residential areas and even in the bush, adding that no one know whether they are military personnel or not.

“They are just moving randomly though still putting on uniform so it is difficult to identify which people are wrong and right,” he said.

 “There is great fear when such things happen; even if there is no fear, you mind begin to think to compare it with your own life. This can cause a force decision as people think of other alternatives,” Mwaka added.

Raymond however said government officials has deployed security in the area to reduce he criminal activities.

He appealed to security personnel to have a full-time patrol to reduce criminal activities among the communities in Nimule.

He stated that guns should only be to a well-organized force but not unauthorized people. He stressed that, criminal activities happen when unauthorized people have guns.

William Alira, the head chief of Nimule said that some members of Mugali community had decided to go back and settle in their home areas as rain started, while others went back because they left their produce in the farms.

“The security is everybody’s concern and that is what people are looking for. People left their cassava and other seedlings in the garden, and we only have one season that’s why they want to return,” he said.

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