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Finally, Freedom Bridge opened for use

 By Kiden Stela Mandela

The construction of Freedom Bridge started in 2013 which was halted following the outbroke of war in the country, after a year it resumed in 2015, which was yet again interrupted by the conflict in 2016. The construction of this bridge will improve the mobility and process of delivering of more reliable goods and services; the citizens will benefit directly through employment opportunities.  

It is high chance now for the Ministry of Roads and Bridges to impose roads tolls and other rules, so that the maintenances of the roads and bridges will be up to date. Again, the ministry of roads and bridges should extend this support in the counties and to the grassroots, and communities which have lost their bridges due to war.

Equally, road transport is fundamentally important for the development and growth of any nation; it plays a critical role in advancing industry, agriculture and trade by providing means of transportation for goods and services, and enhance poverty reduction as it accesses communities locally and internationally; it is a good move to the people of South Sudan.

But the question is, does South Sudan have qualified engineers to determine the features of that bridge in terms of years it would take. Because sometimes donated particulars do not last for long time.

Just like the roads that are undergoing construction here in the country, such as the Bor road, Lakes State road, and many others are very weak and are easily washed away by heavy rains; yet, those companies are paid huge amount of money yet they cannot do needed work. These companies are just consuming money for nothing, and another example is the road along Crown Hotel is being repaired every year but still during rain reason, it gets spoiled. It is ever the worst in the city.

Such companies like ARC, ABMC and many others within the country should improve on their services, not only grabbing contracts yet with poor service delivery to the nation.

Authorities in the Ministry of Roads and Bridges should open their eyes and check all roads that are being constructed to enable them spot out mistakes, and should work together with engineers so that they would be able to protect the construction processes, and corruptions should not be practice as it will weaken the work.

These roads and Bridges, when well-constructed it can became good source of transportations in terms of trade within the country and internationally that would reduce consumption of expired goods as they sometimes take long before reaching the country; it can improve local businesses because they will be able to reach the market in time.

I appeal to the government to extend the constructions of roads to the remote areas of counties, and majorly to inter-states also to stabilize security in order to boost trade in the country. Right now, in the states, there are fresh fruits and even food stuff, but there is no way it can reach the market in Juba due to insecurity yet people depend on foreign food stuff that sometimes stayed for one month on the way before reaching South Sudan for consumption.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be Right there.

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