Violence instigators to face justice

Governor of Warrap State, Aleu Ayeny Aleu upon arriving from Juba/photo

By Ngor Deng Matem

The Governor of Warrap State, Aleu Ayeny Aleu is warning the violence ring leaders who have triggered fighting between the community of Twic of Warrap State and that of Abyei Administrative Area to be accountable for their acts.

Governor Aleu denounced the renewal of clashes among the armed youth of Twic and Abyei areas.

Speaking to the media at Turalei upon his arrival from Juba, Aleu slammed attacks along the main roads in Twic County.

He said that anyone attacking someone on the road must be dealt with, by the law.

“Those who stop the vehicles along the roads and those who attack Twic or Abyei must be heavily charged as criminals and this must stop immediately,” Governor Aleu said.

“I am part of advance team for the Investigation committee headed by the Vice President Hussein Abdulbagi. You must cease violence and respect the Ceasefire Agreement,” he continued.

The statement followed repeated killings between two communities which have claimed more lives and loss of properties.

Last week, three commissioners and one minister were confined in Juba by the investigation committee after being accused for fuelling the conflict.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Speaker for the Warrap State Assembly, Deng Makuach Kur expressed readiness to restore peace between Twic and the neighbouring communities.

He said that they will help the Governor of Warrap and the investigation committee to restore unity and peace among the conflicting communities.

“We are going to raise awareness within our communities to ensure that this senseless killing of innocent people across roads between Twic and unity state come to an end. We as the MPs representing Twic county condemns these behaviours,” the State Deputy Governor said.

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