Kediba is lacking professional secondary school teachers

 By John Sylivestor

Kediba is Payam in Mundri East county of Western Equatoria state lacking professional Secondary teachers to thought the students this come after UNMISS Quick impact project in collaboration with County authorities Established Secondary School in the area to improve education status in an interview with citizen No.1 newspaper the Education Director of kediba Kenneth Anyanya told media that kediba have no qualified teachers who can be able thought Secondary saying we are going to put out advertisement so that  we need recruit satisfied and qualified teachers  Education Director Kenneth “Said.

While Speaking Director Kenneth encourage the sons and daughters of greater Mundri offer themselves to come to kediba to teach for sake development of our country.

He further said that the construction of the Secondary school has been completed and the task in given to organized committee to supervise the project on the ground. And he also added that the construction of secondary School has taken one month because the contractors are hardworking people and applauded UNMSS for the support.

According to Education Director Kenneth efforts are underway to handover the new built Secondary school in Kediba to County Education authority.  And it is the first time in the History of Kediba to have Secondary School in the area Since signing of Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2005

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