Man hospitalizes ‘sexually unsatisfied wife’

By Bida Elly David

A man who works as a security guard in a night shift has beaten his wife to medical level on Sunday night for cheating on him but the wife accused him of not sexually satisfying her on bed.

James Data, a 45-year-old man and a resident of Kugi suburb of Gudele two over the weekend trampled his wife to hospital level after unloading chitchats that his 30-year-old woman cheated on him as he embarked on his night watchdog duties.

The indictment came after a series of rumours from the neighbourhood against the wife who has been accused of always leaving her house every night once her husband departs for his night assignment being a security guard working in a night shift for one of the security companies in Juba.

James Data received a phone call from his neighbour after leaving his house for his duty, that a strange man entered into his matrimonial room before midnight in the night of Sunday.

James who had left home a moment after settling family disputes with his wife through the help of family elders thought the accumulated grudges they once had with his couple were tabled and brought to an end by the wise men’s brain but all of the sudden, things turned apart.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, James said his wife’s friends and relatives made series of reports against his wife but he couldn’t take immediate decision due to the love he had for her.

“I so far stayed with my wife for ten solid years. Neighbours, friends and relatives have been reporting about my wife’s ill conducts to me but I could not take it so serious due to the uncountable love I had for her. I trusted my wife beyond everything and gave her everything. I never hesitated to render financial support to her no matter how tough the situation would be. I could provide her with everything she wanted but due to anger, I had to beat her to that level without compromise’’ James narrated.

On her part Edina Beatrice, James’s wife revealed that she cheated because her husband could not give her a special time to have sexual relationship on bed for full satisfaction.

“My husband is always busy. He could not satisfy me as his wife on bed. Every time he comes home from work, he complained of being tired due to too much work yet I had the desire to meet him on bed as my husband and the father to my three children’’ she revealed.

Furthermore, Edina reiterated that it was not the food that the husband provided satisfying her needs but rather his presence mattered a lot as well as her conjugal right on bed.

The 30 year old Edina was rushed to the hospital for medication while the husband was withheld by the elders for talks.

However, the matter was never referred to the police station as the family members tried to resolve the dispute amicably and diligently.

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