County commissioner briefs SPLM Political Cadre ahead of elections

Mundri West Commissioner with SPLM Cadres in a group photo

By John Sylvester Timber

SPLM Cadre Chaired by Hon. Margaret Fozia Commissioner of Mundri East County yesterday held a round table meeting on the presentation of recommendations about the recent meeting conducted in Western Equatoria State Headquarter Yambio towards preparation for 2023 Elections expected to be held.

The meeting was attended by number of SPLM Cadres who willingly showed their readiness to promote the move started by the County Commissioner.

 Speaking to the participants during the meeting, Margret Fozia, the Commissioner of Mundri East urged South Sudanese in diaspora and those in Refugee camps to return home to carry out development in their various communities.

Furthermore, she also underscored that Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) being the mother of the nation played her mandate towards peace and unity of the citizens to enjoy dividends of Development.

Commissioner Margaret Fozia predicted the future of SPLM is very Bright and assured the citizen that SPLM Will Win the Elections.

Meanwhile Mustafa Benjamin who served since 1988 promised to spend the rest of his life serving SPLM.

“I   will die as SPLM supporter forever and I strongly encourage the young generation to join the ruling party. The ruling party contributes much on the leadership and development of the Country’’ he said.

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