Paid teacher is a generational asset to the country 

The importance of teachers in any society is vital; they have vast knowledge on a wide number of topics depending on the kind of field that they individually are experts in.

Coming home, despite the fact that the teaching sector is still in need of severe improvement, there are a few unsung heroes who have stuck to doing their job right from the first time that they were awarded their professional certificates, disregarding the issues like little, delayed or no pay at all to kill their insuperable passion to transmit words of wisdom to those who see them.

A teacher is somebody who give lessons in a subject to a class or pupil or one who shows how to do something to somebody.

Despite the importance of the teachers in society, sadly, in our country’s context, not many people believe that a teacher’s role surpasses that of many who only pose about in shiny boots, long cloaks and wear terrifying looks to look the greatest among men and yet in actual sense they are only just pompous empty heads with little or no wisdom or knowledge at all.

With children of nowadays withdrawing a great deal from pursuing teaching as a career, who then shall teach their offspring, from who then shall get knowledge about the way this world works because even astronauts attended Science classes.

The government therefore should really invest in supporting the country’s local teachers; boost their morale so that the country’s future offspring shall not be damaged. For starters, their salaries should be appropriately reimbursed because they worked for that money after all.

In that way therefore, the pupils that shall be taught by the well paid teachers shall then desire to be their role models.     

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