Investigation committee demands creation of Border High Court

Dr. Dhiew Mathok, Secretary for the investigative Committee-File Photo

By Akol Madut Ngong

 Fact finding committee formed by the President of the Republic of South Sudan to investigate conflicts that transpired at Aneet settlement has called on the National Government to establish border high court commission to address the alarming atrocities committed during the conflict that erupted in February this year.

This came following a report developed by the investigation committee earlier to find remedies to the impeding conflicts that led to death of many civilians in

The committee came out with three main recommendations to prioritize the urgent establishment of the internal and external border commission high court to address the crimes committed.

According to Dr. Dhiew Mathok the Secretary of the investigation committee, the recommendations were formulated to address corporal crimes such as murder, looting, destruction of properties as well as other atrocities through a conference between the two parties in Northern Barh el Gazal, Awiel.

“The report stated that internal borders were one of the most serious causes of disputes to South Sudanese thus it has to be resolved seriously by the government. The government is giving the priority of the resolution of the conflicts. They shouldn’t fight, they should wait, the document also talked about nobody claiming of territories again since it the one of the reason that led to the eruption of the conflict,” Dhiew stated

Furthermore, he reiterated that people should abstain from talking about the border issues since government showed efforts to resolve.

“People should not talk about the disputes again because the government is going to address the issue and there are so many articles which were very significant leading to calmness and tranquility in the area at least for the period of one month before the recent fighting on date 7th, 8th and 9th resumed again in the area,” Dr Dhiew explained.

However, he added after signing an accord on session of hostilities, they formerly proceeded to Juba to present the accumulated reports before President of the Republic of South Sudan H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

“We sign the session of hostility and proceeded to Juba to prepare our report and tried to meet the President. We presented our report and it was true, it has taken time almost like one month and the report composed of a policy which the committee has recommended to government to be taken such that the issue is addressed” Dhiew stressed.

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