Bona Malual, Dr. Francis fuel conflict

Bona Malual

By Ngor Deng Matem

The report released by the committee on the Inter-communal Investigation has accused Politicians Bona Malual Madut and Dr. Francis Mading Deng for conflict incitement through publications.

According to the report which was presented to President of the Republic of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit last week, the two top politicians were accused for having fuelled the conflict between Abyei and Twic youths.

“The committee found that publications written by Hon Bona Malual Madut and Abyei Intellectuals especially Dr. Francis Mading Deng fuelled the conflict,” the report read.

The report also accused other top politicians including the former governor of Warrap State who’s currently MP at the National Assembly, Hon. Nyandeng Malek, South Sudan minister of East African Affairs Hon. Deng Alor Kuol, Hon. Abas Asha representing Abyei in the National Parliament and Hon. Majak Aler at South Sudan National Assembly on behalf of Twic County of supporting the conflict.

Other politicians named by the report as instigators involved the Twic County commissioner Deng Tong Goc, minister of Infrastructures of Abyei Special Administrative Area Hon. Mayot Kuinik and other two commissioners from Abyei-ASAA. These four politicians are currently confined in Juba by the investigation committee because of mobilizing youths to instigate the violence.

In February, fighting erupted in Aneet Settlement between the armed youths of Abyei and Twic Mayardit of Warrap state over the land ownership.

According to the interview conducted by the investigation committee as stated by the report, Uncle Bona Malual Madut told the Aneet investigation committee that; “The problem is not in Aneet or Turalei. The problem is the government of Sudan and South Sudan to give the people of Abyei a chance to decide where to belong. Twic and Ngok are one community. Abyei (Ngok People) & (people) of South Sudan are one, but as Land, Abyei belongs to Sudan (Kordofan”.

Meanwhile former Ambassador to the UN Assembly, Dr Francis Mading Deng said during the interview with Investigation committee that “I welcomed and appreciated the formation of the Aneet investigation committee by H.E. President of the Republic of South Sudan. I believe that this is proof to Ngok People that their government is concerned about their affairs,” Dr Francis revealed.

On the 4th April, the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement (CoHA) was signed in Aweil but few weeks later after the signing, both communities of Twic and Abyei compliant of violations and indiscriminate killing despite the Ceasefire agreement.

So far, thousands of the people have been displaced from Aneet and other surrounding over the insecurity and yet tens of the people from both sides have been killed and others wounded.

Dr. Francis Mading