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Stop taking Doctor’s lives to safe lives

By Kiden Stela Mandela

The issue of killing Medical doctors in the country is really increasing every now and then which is disturbing minds of the citizen in the country because this are the people who are taking care of human lives countrywide. They are working day and night making sure they safe lives. You fine that some of them are killed due to political or tribal rivalry, it is hard to understand what it means by taking doctor’s lives yet they are one of the key people needed in a country like South Sudan.

Last year in July 27,2021 an Emergency Health Manager Dr. Dominic Pitia who was working in Akobo,  for CARE International was  hung to death, the late had worked as a medical doctor with Care International where by his death was not clear at all just because the level of tribalism is too high. His death was a surprise because it is something unexpected. It is not easy because someone who offers his live to serve the needy becomes victims. The nature of his death was not clear, even the investigation was not clear. Also in the same year, a Medical Doctor was killed in Panyijiar County of the Unity State, Dr. Louis Edward was found in a pool at a local Bathroom.

Now just recently on 21st May 2022 Veteran Medical Worker Dr. Patrick Tongun who had saved for many years in Eastern Equatoria State’s Ministry of health on Thursday was slaughtered at 7 pm while he was on duty in Olikuri health Center in Nimule and the Perpetrators that Murdered him are hiding not found up to date. I want to condemn such acts in the strongest terms, the death of the medical doctor of Olikuri Health Centre is so painful to the people of the Equatoria Equatoria State and the the people of South Sudan. This is an unacceptable act and it constitutes human rights abuse and extra-judicial killing.

The government’s security agencies should bring the perpetrators to book immediately targeted killings or extra-judicial killings in Eastern Equatoria and along Juba-Nimule road is on the rise and the perpetrators walk away with the crimes. Since the escalation of frictions between the farmers and cattle from Bor in and around Magwi County, incidences of targeted killing or extra-judicial killing are on rise, seriously. This act of slaughtering individual to death and killing innocent civilians should end.  And this political issues must stop otherwise South Sudan will suffer a lot lucking medical doctors. Killing doctor’s is like killing the country at the same time. Yes, if the well off South Sudanese can afford to fly to other countries for treatment how about the poor? What will take care of their health needs if doctors are being targeted and killed?

I urge the government and State Authorities to take charge of preventing criminal acts or extra-judicial killing among the communities in and around Magwi County and Nimule. And I advise the National Parliamentarians to take some actions to prevent acts that constitute extra-judicial or targeted killing not only medical workers but to all citizens of the country. Killing of innocent lives is not a solution of bringing peace but instead it worsens and it is good to learn from the other countries.

God Bless South Sudan.

Be right there!

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