Remove sanctions, Nyandeng appeals to UN

Vice President for Gender and Youth cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng/Photo credit: Tereza Jeremiah Chuei

By Ephraim Modi D.S

The Vice President for Gender and Youth cluster, Rebecca Nyandeng yesterday appealed to the United Nations to remove sanctions on the country and imposed it on the leaders, alleging that leaders are the causers of the sanctions.

The Vice President issued the statement in a three-day’s workshop on protection of children in South Sudan organized by United Nations Mission in South Sudan- (UNMISS).

“UN should remove the sanctions on South Sudan and put it on us the leaders of this country, South Sudan has never done anything, and it is us the leaders who pushed the country into that,” she said.

The United Nations Security Council in May 2021 adopted a resolution to renew an arms embargo against South Sudan as well as targeted sanctions of travel ban and asset freeze against individuals and entities till May 31, 2022.

Resolution 2577, which was adopted with 13 votes in favor and two abstentions, extends until July 1, 2022, the mandate of the Panel of Experts, which assists the work of the South Sudan Sanctions Committee.

It expresses the Security Council’s readiness to review the arms embargo, through modification, suspension, or progressive lifting of these measures, in the light of progress achieved on five key benchmarks. It requests the UN secretary-general to conduct, no later than April 15, 2022, an assessment of progress achieved on the key benchmarks.

The resolution also expresses the Security Council’s willingness to consider adjusting targeted sanctions, including through modifying, suspending, lifting or strengthening measures to respond to the situation.

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