Teachers training on conflict resolution kicks-off in Yei

By James Innocent

Whitaker peace and development initiative organized a three-day training of teachers on conflict resolution targeting 60 participants from five Payams that are within Yei River County of Central Equatoria State  

Bush Buse the Program Coordinator for Whitaker Peace and Development initiative said in Yei alone the target is to train 60 participants who are teachers drawn within five Payams of Yei County.

“In Yei alone the target is to train, 60 teachers, which are, drawn within the five payams of Yei River County so that you also have the tools skills and the knowledge to continue teaching peace in the schools and in the community because you are the light and most important segment in the society in training the young people in the society that can train the youth as this is the essence of this training” he said

He pointed out that for purposes of sustainability the organization thought wise to involve teachers in the program because in future the organization will not be there in case when the funding period ends

“There is time frame for each project in an organization which are limited so when the funding period ends it should not mean the end to peace education in schools that’s why we say we should also have training for teachers within the four counties of Central Equatoria State,” he said.   

Meanwhile the inspector general from the national Ministry of Education Ochan Lino Victor stressed the need peace building and prevention done through the teachers.

“Teachers are the pillars and drivers of this new nation let me just give an example one of the professor from south Africa said if you want destroy the nation you destroy the education system than destroying artilleries used for fighting especially for what happened in Russia there is no need of fighting just destroy the education system and realize the Baden meaning you destroyed the country, do you expect the engineers and doctors to exist without teachers and that means without teachers there is no nation because the violence going all over its done through teachers so all the mechanisms of preventing violence is done through teachers,” he stressed.  

Wilfred Sebit was one of the participants, he pointed out that the training they are getting on conflict resolution is very which will help in promotion of peace and conflict resolution.

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