Catholic Bishops’ Headquarters looted, millions taken

South Sudan and Sudan Catholic Bishop Secretariat Conference, finance office looted by robbers walking away with laptops and huge sum of money (Photo: Taban Henry)

By Taban Henry

Robbers broke into the South Sudan and Sudan Catholic Bishop Secretariat Conference on Tuesday and looted valuables and huge amount of money.

In a statement to the media, the Secretary General of the South Sudan Catholic Bishops Conference Fr. Peter Suleiman Bolis confirmed that robbers have broken into the Secretariat and woke away with laptops and huge amount of money leaving the gatekeeper severely in critical condition.

“It was surprising this morning (Wednesday) when I was given a call this morning by the first arrival at 6AM they have seen through the door was open and the watchman was exposed in the compound. I came in rushing and took him using an ambulance to the hospital,” the paster said.

Fr. Suleiman revealed that Sebastian Ladu who works as a watchman at the Secretariat Conference was poisoned with chemical.

He echoed that the gateman is in critical condition at the Promised Hospital undergoing medical attention.

“The robbers broke in and destroyed all the doors of the Secretariat getting in to the offices looking for the money and computers. They broke into my office as the Secretary General and walked out with the computer and other equipment that I used like the external hard disk, flash disk and the recording machine leaving other things turned up and down but we realized that the aim of the robbers was money and the laptops with 3,372 USD including 885,355 SSP,” he stated.

The Secretary General mentioned the most affected was the finance office of Caritas where two shelves were destroyed where he termed the robbers as experts.

 He added that nobody can imagine that this thing is in this location without having experience of the place citing that the same thing was applied to the office of the director of Caritas.

“We urge the gov’t or the authorities in charge to be vigilant to this kinds of criminal act is not good hence will make people to be insecure even in the part of development people will be hesitant to write projects to be implemented for the development of the country because once I have the mind to do something and I feel insecure this will make organizations efforts to help the humanitarian support to the citizens low,” he stressed.

Fr. Suleiman hinted that it has not been the first time for such incident to happen at the Secretariat, saying the same incident happened some years back before he was brought in as the Secretary General.

The clergy said that some printers, laptops and some money were cleared from the selves as reported by my predecessor; he however said he has no actual record of the materials that were destroyed.

He revealed that they opened the case and the police came and investigated where they followed me to the hospital, they witnessed the situation of the watchman that was injured   

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