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China permits safe way for S. Sudanese entrepreneurs

South Sudan Chamber of Commerce Lodu Lukak and Scott Xu who is the Chinese Chamber in South Sudan speaking after a member ( Photo: Taban Henry)

By Taban Henry

South Sudanese traders will soon begin importing goods and other services direct from China to South Sudan as they have been granted green line to obtain Visas to bring in Chinese products direct from Beijing to Juba.

This came after South Sudan chamber of Commerce met with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and enterprises in Juba to discuss ways of strengthening business relationships particularly after Covid 19 error.

Earlier this month Ladu Lukak, the Deputy Chair of South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture who also a Member of Parliament sad that South Sudanese traders are always denied visas at the Chinese Embassy in Juba.

After the meeting, Scott Xu who is the member of the Chinese Chamber in South Sudan said that they have Chinese representative of the Chamber of Commerce in Juba who are overseeing Chinese Association in South Sudan.

He said that they had a very fruitful meeting together with the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce.

“This is just the beginning for us to discuss a number of interesting topics to boost our trade and definitely we are going to have more in-depth discussion and how to improve our bilateral cooperation in trade and other business are,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ladu Lukak the Deputy Chairperson of the South Sudan Chamber lauded the meeting and said that the main problem discussed was on the issue of VISA and the directors.

Lukak advised the business community in South Sudan to come together with Chinese Chinese Chamber of Commerce to reach an agreement and accept all the demands that asked.

He said they are given ways on how to get the visa and the managerial position of China in South Sudan.

“Now your doors are open from tomorrow, if you go to the Chinese Embassy you will be given Visa and you will be allowed to go to China don’t think that you will be stopped from going home and we shall continue to cooperate with them and continue to have meetings with them so that we find the beginning of what we wanted to bring from China,” he said.

Lukak stated that they should cooperate with Chinese so that goods from South Sudan can also be taken by Chinese embassy, or business men who wants to take, giving example of fish, sesame and others.

He said what they were complaining about was that South Sudanese were not been allowed Visa to China. “Thank God that we have reached an agreement and the right ways they have revealed to us and we in the South Sudan Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture are urging the business community in South Sudan that now you have no problem on the way to China come to the embassy you will be given your visa,” Lukak stressed.   

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