Funding dictates Juba-Torit-Nadapal road progress

Simon Mijok Mijak, Minister of Roads and Bridges, briefing media at Luri Bridges construction site on Thursday (Photo: Philip Buda Ladu)

By Philip Buda Ladu

Untimely release of funds for Juba-Torit-Nadapal Highway construction is dictating on the progress of the construction of the second national road after Juba-Nimule-Uganda which commenced on a good phase from Juba to Torit.  

Minister of Roads and Bridges, Simon Mijok Mijak said there are only subcontractors who were contracted by the African Resources Corporation (ARC).

He stated that the main contractor awarded the Juba-Torit-Nadapal Road to do the bush clearance and putting of Marram.

Moreover, he said subcontractors have finished the Juba-Torit road section with gravels, and they are shifting to phase two from Torit to Kapoeta which they have done bush clearance through Nadapal but the delay in releasing of funds is halting the smooth procession of the work.

 “I am the minister of Roads and Bridges, and I can testify that the funds allocated for Juba-Torit-Nadapal roads are not yet out; I am happy the Parliamentarians are with me,” Minister Mijok responded when asked about the progress of the road construction.

The Minister made the revelation during an inspection visit to Luri and Habuba bridges, along the Juba-Mundri-Maridi road as he accompanied the Standing specialized Committee on Roads and bridges at the Revitalized Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) to acquaint themselves with the progress on the vital bridges’ construction.

Minister Mijok said they sometimes switch the resources around the key roads and bridges programs that ARC is implementing for the government, citing the Juba-Bor construction projects resources been shared with Luri bridge.

“What we are doing even here in Luri Bridge, there are resources coming even from Bor road and it is part of our national wealth sharing championed by H.E. the President of the Republic because we want to share our resources whenever there are difficulties, we intervene! It is not a diversion of funds but it is our traditional way of sharing” asserted minister Mijok.

The National Minister of Roads and Bridges however said despite some challenges facing the major roads infrastructure projects being undertaken by ARC he wasn’t informed that work has stopped.

“I can say there are subcontractors engaged by ARC and the cash flow paying contractors can affect, the importation of equipment, the fuel! You can see the old Juba Bridge was done lately because of lack of fuel not only for the Company but it is a global problem the supply of fuel” he hinted.

The Minister noted that all those equipment being used by ARC to build the Luri, and Habuba bridges will be moving to work on the bridges on the Juba-Torit road that has already been Marranmed.

“The road is already connected, graveled but another section from Torit to Kapoeta is being bush cleared which has already reached to Nadapal. So the work is on but there are challenges like now Bor (road) has stopped”.   

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