Gumbo IDPs receive humanitarian aid

Delegation from Central Equatoria State government headed by Mariam Aguli Zachariah who is the Gender Advisor to the Governor pose for group photo (Photo: Taban Henry)

By Taban Henry

Delegation from Central Equatoria State government on Wednesday donated nonfood items to the Internally Displaced Persons sheltering at Gumbo IDPs’ camp.

The Gender Advisor to the CES governor, Mariam Aguli Zachariah who headed the delegation said the purpose of the visit was to acquaint themselves with the situation of displaced persons sheltering at Don Bosco.

Earlier in March, over 500,000 people from different areas of Magwi, Lokiliri, Lowoi and Lobonok have been displaced due to the influx of cattle.

Aguil stated that their visit started from the flood affected victims in Walawalang who earlier requested assistants, which the government responded positively to their cry in addition to IDPs affected by the influx of cattle herders in their areas.

“The situation is not helping as the government of Central Equatoria State we know people are really suffering and the governor knows the situation of the IDPs. He sent us to come and witness as well as be with them in solidarity telling them that the state government is standing with them during the situation,” she said.

Among the items distributed include; sanitary pads, mats, bedsheets, blankets, washing soaps and mosquito nets, to be distributed to about 200 people.

The gender advisor said that people who are supposed to benefit from the items are the elderly, lactating and pregnant women.

She stated that they received the assistant as a donation from different organizations including Newlife, Donald and UNICEF.

“We will be going back to sit with the other humanitarian agencies to see how they can help support the IDPs during this alarming situation because the rain is now coming and Cholera outbreak is soon, we don’t know how we are going to help our people,” she added.

Meanwhile, a Member of Parliament in Central Equatoria State’s Assembly, Ann Kaku Samson said that the conflict between the farmers and the cattle keepers has greatly affected people. She said that majorly of the affected persons were mostly vulnerable women.

“I have witnessed that the state and the national government have to look towards the situation of the IDPs as they are liable to the outbreaks of diseases that are spreading during the rainy season and the areas, they are leaving in is not conducive and their children, elderly, lactating and pregnant women and this are the people in case of any outbreak they can easily be affected,” she said.

However, the MP has urged cattle herders to stop conflict with farmers and allow agrarians go back to their areas and start farming activities, arguing Juba is so congested and can provoke diseases among the displaced population.

She appealed to the government both in the state and the National government to joint hands to support the IDPs, saying that to the humanitarian organization, the situation is dire which needs help.

For his part, the Chairperson of the Internally Displaced Person Nicholas Tombe Osman said some IDPs have gone back to their villages because life in the camp has hardened. He said that life is so difficult where there is lack of food, medicine and other essential basic needs.

“Around 200 IDPs have gone back to their respective villages, this people have just gone as individuals and here because of rain, food, shelter that is the reason why they decided to go back because life is difficult,” Mr. Tombe said.

Meanwhile, the chair of IDPs stated that there is still insecurity in their localities.

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