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Kiir sends team to assess States’ conflicts

Council of States during a meeting with President Kiir-Courtesy photo

By Bida Elly David

President Salva Kiir Mayardit has directed the leadership of the Council of States to carry a visitation exercise in conflict affected States and the three Administrative Areas to trace out causes of the skirmishes and catastrophes.  

Kiir made the order when he met with the team from Council of States that comprised the Speaker and his two Deputies over the continuous crisis hampering some parts of the country.

In recent days, some States have been inflicted by numbers of crisis that arose as a result of inter-communal conflicts, cattle raiding, flooding and diseases which has resulted to the loss of souls, while others starve in most deserted areas of the country’s eco-system.

There has been alarming conflict between cattle herders and farming communities besides Inter-Communal raiding in some States which has affected the livelihood of most locals who have been victims of the incidences.

Speaking during the meeting, President Salva Kiir Mayardit told yhe Council of States’ leadership through their head to figure out and analyse major causes of the crisis, and develop quick recommendations based on their findings.

In addition, Kiir reiterated government’s concerns on citizens who have been impeded by both natural and man-made calamities, which have contributed towards recent struggles in life.

He called on the Council of States to invest much of their efforts to preach about peaceful co-existence among the people of South Sudan.

Meanwhile, the Speaker of South Sudan Council of States Deng Deng Akoon demonstrated their readiness for the call of the President amid visitation exercise.

“We as Council of States have received and accepted the call of President Salva Kiir Mayardit to carry the visitation exercise to the States that have been affected by the continuous crisis in the country. We know that many people were affected by the flood and other man made crisis in the country such as the cattle raiding among many others. We are ready to carry the exercise based on the schedule we shall be arranging,’’ Deng said

Moreover, Deng underscored that it was their mandate to ensure peace prevailed among the citizens of the county through harmony and dialogue.

He called on warring communities and parties to embrace peace and work towards developing the nation so that the country moves to a better level.

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