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Muslims, other churches get ready for Pope’s arrival

Catholic Metropolitan Bishop. Dr. Stephen Ameyu Mulla-File Photo

By Bida Elly David

Different faith-based groups including Muslims and other Christian denominations have joined Catholic Church as they get ready to welcome Holy father Pope Francis to Juba in July. 

The Holy father Pope Francis will come with other two Holy Men.

There has been a series of scepticism from public regarding conflicts of faith among religions and Christian denominations on their faith and beliefs which was seem to be forbidden harmony among them.

Speaking to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on Wednesday, Stephen Ameyu Mulla, and the Metropolitan Archbishop of the Catholic Church in Juba expressed happiness as brothers from other religions and denominations join them in preparation for the arrival of Pope Francis to Juba in July.

“All of our denominations have really showed their hands for the support of the coming of these three Holy Men. I don’t see any group of Christians stepping out. We had been meeting for the preparation and so many people expressed their voices that all the Christians are participating for the coming of the Holy Father. Even our brothers from the Muslim have also expressed their happiness for the coming of the Holy Father to South Sudan,’’ Bishop Ameyu said.

He added that Catholic being the major organiser has proceeded ahead with the preparation despite the fact that other arrangements are yet to be finalised.

“We as the Catholic Church have already advanced in the preparation for the coming of the Holy Father since March but of course there are still things to be done. I know we have gone ahead better than other churches. The Pope’s visit to South Sudan is a Communal visit so we have already merged some sub-committees between us and brothers from other denominations particularly the steering committee on communal level which was formed since April. We have been busy all this time to see the processes we prepared,” he said.

Furthermore, Bishop Ameyu echoed that the liturgical committee have prepared and the choir are ready for Pope’s arrival.

 “For the Catholics, the choir is prepared through the liturgy committee. Committees such as the reception, security among others are prepared. We have four major committees. The Liturgy committee, communication committee, security and reception committee that play greater role to prepare people for the coming of the holy father and the other three men from the Presbyterian Church and the Episcopal Church of South Sudan,’’ he added

At the same note, Ameyu reiterated that Pope, upon his three-day visit to South Sudan shall have major places to visit before his return to Vatican.

“The first venue of Pope’s visit will be the Mausoleum, the second venue will be our Church St. Theresa’s Cathedral Kator, and the third will be All Saints Cathedral in Mobil and finally the camps in Jebel where the IDPs are. These are the major four places that the Holy Father will see. So, the preparation is on-going to some extend now and so we feel that we are prepared to receive the Holy Father,’’ he said

Similarly, Bishop Ameyo reiterated that the Catholic Church has formed a committee at a conference level to head other sub-committees as preparation move on.

 “We Catholic at the conference level have a steering committee that is led by me as an Arch Bishop and the Deputy Chairperson for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sudan and South Sudan. The Steering Committee is led by four Bishops, Myself, Stephen Nyoddo Bishop of Malakal heading the Liturgy committee and other sub-committees, Bishop Mathew Remijo, heading the finance Committee, Bishop Santo Laku leads the coordination of all Dioceses in South Sudan and Sudan,’’ he said.

“We have sub-committees that we have put on the ground preparing their own roles accordingly. Every week our meetings are scheduled on Fridays to review what has been done on the previous weeks and that is how we keep ourselves prepared for the coming of the Holy father to South Sudan,’’ he added.

In continuation, Bishop said that Pope upon his first day of arrival shall visit the presidency and his first deputies at the headquarters.

“Pope upon his arrival shall first come to Vatican Embassy in South Sudan to take some rest and after that he will go to the headquarters of the government to meet the president of the Republic of South Sudan H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit and the five vice presidents”.

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