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Will hunger kill all South Sudanese?

Kiden Stela Mandela

It is not true that people will starve over hunger here in the country because South Sudan has the capacity of practicing agriculture and be safe from the severe hunger here in the country as seen in other counties within South Sudan, the country has fertile soil for growing all types of food and fruits.

“Let me warn you, this year, there will be a lot of hunger in this country, hunger will be there created by natural disasters and also man-made is there because of what is happening in Russia and Ukraine, now the whole world (Europe and America) are all talking about food inflation, something we used not to hear and now we are hearing this thing in the media”, a quote from one of the government officials.

When South Sudan got its CPA in 2005 it was really a real happiness, where refugees had returned home from the neighbouring Countries and from diaspora, South Sudan was booming and most people fully ventured into agriculture and were not having demands from the UN’s donations because people were cultivating different types of food crops and fruits in the country. Farms were accessible and even transporting the produce to the Capital Juba was not a problem. Also locally produced food was readily in the markets across the county and there was relatively low demand imported food commodities upto the Independence in July 9, 2011. Citizens were happy because they only look for money for buying soap, oil and exchanging diet since the country was free from the Sudan Government’s discrimination and other humiliations.

But as soon as the politicians disagreed on positions, the rivalry took the country back to war in 2013 and 2016, the wars have spoiled the country a lot, people ran to the neighbouring countries leaving enough food in their firms which later got destroyed, looted and eaten by the frontline soldiers in the bushes and up to now the country has not yet stabilized its economy with many now surviving from the UN food.

It is a very difficult situation today that our politicians are sending us to stock enough food at least one sack in a place where you cannot see until the alarming severe hunger arise, yes it is good advice to those who have gardens they may put something to rescue the situation that might arise when time comes. It is an advantage for those who have cash at hand to stock from the market and also prices are going to increase in case of increasing demand to stock food from the market. Just like now the price in the market is very high to the consumers. Economics, says the higher the demand the higher the price (ceteris Puribers) other factors remain constant. Right the question is how about those who do not have either gardens or money for stocking food? Would the IDP’s also stock from the UN? yet now there are even houses that are going hungry because they don’t have capacity to help themselves there is no access to the farms even what is put is destroyed and also the rising dollars rates in the country has caused a lot of trouble as you can see that 100$ is equal to 49,500 South Sudanese Pounds which is not easy, soon some local businesses are at the risk of shutting down.

Why are the politicians not progressing in the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement and set the country free from the issue of insecurity, and to build roads for easy transportation of farm produce to the capital Juba. In other counties within South Sudan, food is rotting due to no access to the market, it seems it will only be the politicians who can stock enough food for themselves or even run outside the country where the situation is normal. The task is for the poor who will die of the looming hunger.

I appeal to the citizens in the country that it is not yet too late to practice agriculture to reduce/avert the looming hunger as stated as predicted by some of the leaders.

God Bless South Sudan. Be right there!    

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